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BBA: Pokello captured naked

Pokello Nare

Pokello Nare

Pokello is under spotlight again after pictures of her bathing nude in the house are awash on the Internet. Though all housemates bath during shower hour, it is Pokello and fellow housemate, Cleo (Zambia) who have their nude pictures well published on the Internet.



Shower hour is a period during the show when all the housemates are told by Big Brother to bath. For the first editions of BBA, Shower Hour was never hidden from the public and viewers of the show could patiently wait to see their favourite housemates bathing late at night.

PokelloThis caused controversy with some viewers saying Shower Hour should be cancelled as it was immoral. Big Brother then came up with a solution to remove Shower Hour from the main BBA channels on the DStv, and put it on the BBA website at a certain fee.

Now BBA viewers across the globe can sign up to a special service named BBA VIP on the official BBA website ( which allows them to watch their favourite housemates bathing naked.

Pokello BBAThe sordid “private pass”, which costs a one-off fee of $8 also gives subscribers access to footage of the housemates under the covers after dark, evicted housemates interviews and backstage interviews of artists who perform at the BBA show. To be part of the BBA VIP, one has to log onto the BBA website and register. After registering, one will then pay the fee online and automatically start enjoying the “behind the scenes” of BBA.

BBAThis week, the BBA VIP featured uncut scenes of Pokello and Cleo (Zambia) in various states of nudeness in the bathroom. Pokello is this week up for eviction against housemates, Neyll (Angola), Natasha (Malawi), Biguesas (Angola), and Annabel (Kenya).

To save Pokello from eviction, people can vote for her via SMS by sending the words “Vote Pokello” to Econet number 33334, Netone 15626, or Telecel 15626. Alternatively, one can vote online by logging on to




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