Juju scare at DeMbare


Dynamos have been forced to give all the powers of kit management to the coach amid a lot of superstition within the club, Sportszone can reveal.

An insider within the club confirmed that there has always been a lot of controversy regarding the kits and how they are kept.

“In the past the manager Richard Chihoro kept the kit, but now this duty is directly under coach Lloyd Mutasa, with his own trusted man doing the job.

“There were always a lot of problems over the past set up. Lloyd Mutasa solely relies on his Christian beliefs while some have other beliefs,” said the insider.

“It was problematic, especially when money was claimed from the club under the disguise of cleansing the kit at traditional healers.

“The leadership had to put an end to that scenario saying they go by the coach’s beliefs. The change was made just before the season began.”

In the past, the former champions have attracted a lot of controversy in their pre-match rituals, mostly with manager Chihoro involved.

For that reason, many had come to believe that DeMbare uses juju.

Dynamos face How Mine tomorrow in a match the Premiership giants are hoping to win and keep on track their title challenge.

They are coming from a 1-0 win over Hwange at the Colliery on Sunday. The Chronicle


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