31 March 2017


LOCAL churches, Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries
and Goodness and Mercy Ministries are both claiming to be
responsible for the healing of one Nesu Maroveke who was
suffering from a cancer growth on his head which has since

Both churches took to social media with evidence of Anesu’s
visit to their leaders when he still had the cancer growth and
also after he was healed.

Anesu at

Speaking about his healing, Anesu confirmed visiting both

He, however, said all he knows is he has been healed by God
from his condition.

“God healed me, this is the best explanation, I am not aligned
to any of the ministries by membership but I am grateful with
what God has done for me,” he said.

From the information on social media, Anesu first visited PHD
Ministries on January 5 where the church leader Prophet Walter
Magaya prayed for him.


“Anesu was suffering from cancer until he met the God of
Prophet Walter Magaya on the 4th of January 2017.

“As the Lord had it, the Servant of God Prophet Walter Magaya
declared that he was healed and indeed he is healed.


“He came back to testify to the goodness and power of our Lord
Jesus Christ today.

“The cancer cells that where multiplying rapidly on his head
did not only stop but the lump that had developed has vanished,
we give all glory to God Almighty,” they wrote.

Ten days after visiting PHD, Anesu then went to Goodness and
Mercy Ministries, where he also received prayers from Prophet
Tapiwa Freddy.

“This man came to Goodness and Mercy Ministries on the 15th of
January 2017.

“His name is Anesu Maroveke currently based in South Africa.
His problem was then of cancer.

“The man of God Prophet T Freddy located him from the prayer
line section prophesied and prayed for him.


“The man of God declared that he was healed.

“Look at his photos before and after healing. The word
impossible does not exist in the dictionary of God. With God
everything is possible, it can also happen to you. Receive your
Healing in the name of Jesus,” they wrote.


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